Planning application number: 18/0669
Description: Change of use of land to holiday lodge park with conversion of shed to ancillary visitor/administration hub.
Decision date: 21 March 2019
Decision type: Full Approval
Temporary expiry date:
Decision level/committee: Committee
Conditions / reason for refusal: Time Limit for Commencement 1) The development permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission. Reason - In order to comply with the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

Approved Plans 2) The development hereby granted shall be carried out in accordance with the drawings hereby approved: i. Application Form. Dated 9 August 2018. ii. Design and Access Statement. Dated August 2018. iii. Site Location Plan (1807-PL-101 A). Dated June 2017. iv. Proposed Plans (1807-PL-301 B). Dated May 2018. v. Proposed elevations (1807-PL-501 B). Dated May 2018. vi. Location Plan (1807-PL-100 A). Dated June 2017. vii. Foul Drainage Strategy. Dated 30 July 2018. viii. Treatment Plant details. Dated 19 January 2012. ix. Location Site Plan (1807-PL-102 A). Dated June 2017. x. Nord Vue Access Road Details (1807-PL-100 B). Dated June 2017. xi. Site Plan (1807-PL-200 L). Dated April 2018. xii. Proposed Site Sections (1807-PL-400 E). Dated April 2018. xiii. Additional Statement. Dated January 2019. xiv. Woodland Creation Map (1807-PL-101 B). Dated June 2017. Reason - To ensure a satisfactory development and to avoid any ambiguity as to what constitutes the permission.

Prior to Commencement 3) Notwithstanding the submitted plans, prior to the commencement of any development, a surface water drainage scheme informed by evidence of an assessment of the site conditions shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The surface water drainage scheme must be in accordance with the Non-Statutory Technical Standards for Sustainable Drainage Systems (March 2015) or any subsequent replacement national standards. No surface water shall discharge to the public sewerage system either directly or indirectly. The development shall then be completed in accordance with the approved details. Reason - To promote sustainable development, secure proper drainage and to manage the risk of flooding and pollution. The condition is considered necessary to be complied with pre-commencement as compliance with the requirements of the condition at a later time could result in unacceptable harm contrary to the policies of the Development Plan.

4) Prior to the commencement of development, full details of the scale, appearance and materials of the proposed ‘caravans’ shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. Thereafter, development is to be undertaken in accordance with the approved plans. Reason - To safeguard the amenity of the area.

Ongoing 5) No more than 20 ‘caravans’ as defined with the Caravan Sites Act 1968 or any subsequent replacement legislation, shall be sited at any one time on land edged red on the submitted ‘Location Plan’ (1807-PL-102 A), dated June 2017’ and shall only be sited as shown on the submitted ‘Site Plan’ (1807-PL-200 L), dated April 2018. Reason - To safeguard the amenity of the area.

6) The 20 ‘caravans’ hereby approved shall be used for holiday use only and shall not be used as the sole or principle residence by any one person. Reason - The site is one which does not accord with the Council’s regional or national guidance in respect of the spatial distribution of residential accommodation for housing.

7) The ‘illuminated bollards’ within the submitted ‘Site Plan’ (1807-PL-200 L), dated April 2018 shall be limited to: - Less than 60w bulbs - Less than 600 lumens - Within the 3000-4000 Kelvin range (light ‘colour’) - A Maximum height of light source of less than 1200mm on non-reflective surfaces. Reason - To safeguard the amenity of the area.

Prior to the Siting of Caravans, Access Tracks and Associated Infrastructure 8) Neither the ‘caravans’, associated infrastructure (excluding the Visitor Administration Hub) nor access tracks (excluding the proposed passing places within the submitted ‘Nord Vue Access Road Details’ (1807-PL-100 B). Dated June 2017) hereby approved shall be sited or constructed until four (4) years after the implementation of the approved landscaping scheme detailed within the submitted ‘Woodland Creation Map’ (1807-PL-101 B), dated June 2017 and ‘Site Plan’ (1807-PL-200 L), dated April 2018. Written confirmation of the completion of landscape planting should be provided to the Local Planning Authority within seven (7) days of the completion of the works. Any trees or other plants which die or are removed within the first 5 years following the implementation of the landscaping scheme shall be replaced during the next planting season. Reason - To safeguard the amenity of the area.

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