Planning application number: 19/0427
Description: Variation of Condition 2 (plans compliance) for a reduction of 4 bays to 2, one having a mono pitched roof in lieu of a gable end attached to approval 17/0977.
Decision date: 30 August 2019
Decision type: Full Approval
Temporary expiry date:
Decision level/committee: Delegated
Conditions / reason for refusal: Approved Plans 1) The development hereby granted shall be carried out in accordance with the drawings hereby approved: i. Location Plan (ref: 17-C-14880/01), received 17 June 2019; ii. Floor Plan (ref: 17-C-14880/03 – Rev.C) received 17 June 2019; iii. Elevations (ref: 17-C-14880/04 – Rev.C) received 17 June 2019; iv. Formation Cross Sections (ref: 17-C-14880/05 – Rev.D) received 17 June 2019. Reason: To ensure a satisfactory development and to avoid any ambiguity as to what constitutes the permission.

Pre-occupancy or other stage conditions 2) No external lighting shall be brought into use until details of the external lighting scheme have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The approved scheme shall have regard to the ‘Guidance Notes for the Reduction of Obtrusive Light GN01’, produced by the Institute of Lighting Engineers and based upon Environmental Zone E2. The approved lighting scheme shall be implemented in full before the lighting is first used, and shall be retained thereafter. Reason: To protect the amenity of neighbouring residential dwellings.

3) All materials stored within the building hereby approved shall solely be produced from within the agricultural holding Mellguards Farm, Mellguards, Southwaite. Reason: To ensure the use of the building remains in agriculture.

Note to Developer: 1. This decision notice grants planning permission only. It does not override any existing legal agreement, covenant or ownership arrangement. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure all necessary agreements are in place prior to the commencement of development. Informatives: 1. This application is to replace the existing structure, however the developer should be aware that United Utilities records show that there is a formal easement which runs through the proposed development site. Under no circumstances should anything be stored, planted or erected on the easement width. Nor should anything occur that may affect the integrity of the pipe or United Utilities right to 24hr access. 2. The proposed development must fully comply with the terms of the Water Resources (Control of Pollution) Silage, Slurry & Agricultural Fuel Oil) (England) (SSAFO) Regulations 2010 and as amended 2013. Environmental good practice advice is available in the Code of Good Agricultural Practice for the protection of water, soil and air. The applicant is advised to review the existing on-farm slurry and manure storage and ensure compliance with the SSAFO regulations. Any agricultural development that will increase water usage may adversely affect the storage of waste waters, slurry and other polluting matter. 3. You must inform the Environment Agency verbally or in writing of a new, reconstructed or enlarged slurry store, silage clamp or fuel store at least 14 days before starting any construction work. The notification must include the type of structure, the proposed design and construction, and once an agreed proposal has been constructed a completed notification form must be submitted before using the facility.

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