Planning application number: 19/0705
Description: The erection of new single storey timber-clad building with flat roof, to create new Energy Centre and the erection of external plant.
Decision date: 29 November 2019
Decision type: Full Approval
Temporary expiry date:
Decision level/committee: Delegated
Conditions / reason for refusal: Time limit for commencement 1) The development permitted shall be begun before the expiration of three years from the date of this permission. Reason: In order to comply with the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by Section 51 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

Approved Plans 2) The development hereby granted shall be carried out in accordance with the documents hereby approved: i. Application Form ii. Location Plan, Drawing Number: 6189_001 Rev P1 iii. Existing and Proposed Site Plans, Drawing Number: 6189_002 Rev P1 iv. Existing and Proposed Elevations, Drawing Number: 6189_003 Rev P1 v. Energy Centre Upgrade and Extension Sustainability Report vi. Energy Centre Planning Statement vii. Rheged Energy Centre Planting/Mitigation Statement All received by the Local Planning Authority on 26th September 2019 Reason: To ensure a satisfactory development and to avoid any ambiguity as to what constitutes the permission.

3) The approved planting scheme (Rheged Energy Centre Planting/Mitigation Statement received by the Local Planning Authority on 26th September 2019) shall be carried out within 6 months of the date of the first use of the building or completion of the development, whichever is sooner; any trees or plants/grassed areas which within a period of 5 years from the date of planting die, are removed or become seriously damaged or diseased, shall be replaced in the next planting season with others of similar size, species and quality. Reason: To ensure the satisfactory appearance of the site in the interest of visual amenity under Policy DEV5 and Policy ENV2 of the Eden Local Plan 2014-32.

4) No materials or by-products associated with or resulting from the use or operation of the hereby approved energy centre and external plant shall be stored outside of the building. Reason: To protect the character and appearance of the area and local landscape.

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